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Insanity Day 17

Pure cardio

Sooo I had 2 people tell me I looked skinnier today, one of my ex flings got engaged, and a blast from the past took a jab at me today so I had plenty of motivation today. I think the 2 days off did me wonders because I kicked butt tonight.
SW: 185
CW: 178

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Insanity Day 10

Cardio circuit

So today was rough. Ever since my volleyball days my left hip and knee occasionally hurt and today was one of those days. Made it 35 minutes then had to skip the last set of the circuit and go straight to stretching. I still feel pretty good and I’m starting to get my ankles toned again. Yeah that might sound like a silly thing to want but I wasn’t born with the best ankles to begin with so this is kind of a big deal.

Also I understand why the no one in the videos wear shirts. If I wear anything other than a tank top or less I go crazy.

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